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You probably don’t give much thought to the fact that today we need only flip a switch to light up a room. Even though electricity has only been present in most homes for a few generations, we tend to take it for granted. When our light switch is out of order, only then we realize how much we need switches technology. Electric lighting has made us safer and enables us to perform tasks more efficiently at any time of day or night.

Every day, almost every American will utilize electrical lighting in some way. Electrical lighting is becoming safer and easier to use, with all the advances in technology. A professional can assist you with bringing your home up to date, or at least repair what you already have.

Light Switch Repair and Installation

When you find yourself in need of a light switch installation or a repair, your local skilled electrician is just a quick call or click away. They can demonstrate for you all the different types of light switches there are to choose from and help you to pick out the best ones most suited for your family’s needs. There are many different types of switches available today, including push-button, dimmer, toggle, motion-activated, sound-activated, photo-electric, smart switches, and selectors.

Light switches can be a personal choice and they can also be the determining factor of a room’s functionality. Many homeowners are fine with the cheapest switch option, but others may want the latest switch technology in every room. A professional electrician can easily install the light switches you choose and repair them when something goes wrong.

Toggle Switches

For homes today, these are the basic, standard switches. They function simply by flipping the toggle either up or down, which turns lights on or off. The toggle might even have the words “on” and “off” written on it to let you know which way performs which action. They are the least expensive switches, and most electricians carry a selection of them in all colors, including cream and white, which are the most commonly used colors.

Push-Button Switches

These come in second place when it comes to its popularity among switches and they come cheap too. A user has to just push the top or bottom of this switch to make it work. Some models are designed so that the switch remains recessed after it’s been pushed, while others return to the neutral position.

Lots of homes have a push-button switch in the bathroom even if not in other rooms, as one side of the double switch can power a fan while the other side powers the light. These come in various colors and they are not hard to install.

Dimmer Switches

These types of switches are very useful for many reasons. With a dimmer switch, users can now set their light to their preferred brightness level. Dimmer switches can be available in round knob or slide switch models and a technician can easily install them.

The dimming function may be limited depending on the type of dimmer used may not be not dim enough for every preference. That is why before buying one, you need to inquire about the spectrum of brightness that dimmers can provide.

Motion-Activated Switches

Consider motion-activated switches for the parts of your home you often enter with your hands full, like your garage, porch, or basement. Even rooms with switches far from the door will benefit from the technology that is triggered by motion. When somebody walks into the room, the switch has a sensor on it that detects the movement and then automatically turns on.

If you remain still after entering a room with lights that are activated by motion sensors, they could turn off by themselves and leave you sitting in the dark. Motion-activated switches are very convenient in some parts of your home, but perhaps are not your choice for every room.

Sound-Activated Switches

Popularized by “the clapper”, sound-activated switches are also very fitting for people with restricted movement. Instead of having to get up to turn lights on or off, they respond to noise. Sound-activated switches can be installed easily anywhere in your home by a professional electrician.

Selector Switches

Selector switches will have various settings that control different elements of a light contingent upon which one is chosen. The user can toggle the switch from one setting to another around a circle pattern.

The selector can have two or several choices in them. This can be useful if a light can change colors and a homeowner has to toggle between different colors of light. Though not common in homes, these do have practical applications for some activities and hobbies.

Photo-Electric Switches

A photo-electric switch works by turning on the lights when it detects darkness. These are most often found on front porches and lamp posts. While these may not be practical for every corner of the house, a professional can easily install these switches.

Smart Switches

Smart switches are one of the latest developments in switch technology. Some smart switches can be connected to lights and different installations effectively present in the home. There are some of them though that are best paired with lights and devices that also use smart technology.

A smart light can be set to a variety of specific brightness levels and colors. The brightness of lights can be set between 1% to 100% and the user can also set its timetable for automatic turn on and off. A smart light and switch can be integrated any place in the home it’s desired, and they are easy to install and set up using a smartphone app.

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