Electrical Panel Installation Services in Curtis Bay, MD

The electricity from an electric company flows into a home thanks to the electrical panels. When you have an issue with a panel, multiple systems throughout your home can be affected. If some of your outlets aren’t working even after rebooting tripped breaks then expert intervention becomes a necessity. They can easily do repairs and installation of such panels so that your home will be up and running again.

Electrical panels are typically situated in a basement, utility closet, garage, or on the outside of a home. Homeowners should have knowledge on the basic functions of electrical panels in case of emergencies. Some electrical panels installed in older homes are no longer considered safe for home use. If you’re unsure of the age of your electrical panel, it would be a good idea to have it inspected to make sure it’s safe and meets current electrical codes.

When should you replace your electrical panel?

Breakers regulate the amount of electrical energy that flows into a circuit. When there is circuit overload, then the breaker shuts off the flow automatically. You might have faced this if in the same circuit you had multiple devices running at once. However, fixing this would involve simply unplugging all connected devices and resetting it.

Nonetheless, if this is happening regularly, you may need professional service to help replace your old panel with a new one that will provide sufficient power for your home to meet all its needs. If it’s just a single breaker tripping and it’s not a result of an overloaded system, then maybe you just have a bad breaker that needs replacement to correct the issue.

One sign that it may be time to replace your home’s electrical panel is having to replace individual breakers frequently. You may not know how old your panel is, but if you see breakers of different brands and colors, you know that there have been replacements.

When you are having a replacement of an appliance there must be an electrician there to make sure that it has compatibility with the electrical panel that you have. This is critical if your new appliance requires more power than your previous one. When an old panel cannot support a new appliance, it’s time to get a new panel.

The latest panels are now equipped with AFCI outlets that safeguard wires from fires often caused by jumping electricity. Panels installed before 1999, when AFCI outlets became the standard, may not have them. If there are no AFCI outlets at your panel or at the beginning of the individual electrical circuits in your home, there is the risk of fire.

An electrician can investigate your board and outlets and survey your vulnerability. If there are no issues with it then he can install there AFCI outlets.

If there is corrosion or rusting anywhere on the panel, it will need to be replaced immediately. A worn out panel if not shielded appropriately, is always vulnerable to surges, fires and other damages.

Other signs that your panel needs replacing include:

  • panel is warm or hot to the touch
  • melted electrical wires
  • popping or other noises coming from the breaker box
  • hissing
  • burn marks on panel or outlets
  • burning smell coming from panel
  • lights flickering when appliances are in use
  • appliances overheating quickly when plugged in

Tell a specialist immediately should you find something odd happening with the electrical energy of your home. Overused circuits could “fry” anything associated with those outlets—PCs, devices, phones, etc. Neglecting indications of a malfunctioning electrical panel can be a costly and potentially dangerous mistake. Fires and electrocutions can result from an electrical panel that is malfunctioning.

Electrical panels should last a fairly long time but will eventually be degraded by wear and tear. Electrical wires experience fraying, and leaks can develop in their insulation. In some cases, rodents could be chewing on wires and cause your system to be disrupted. Regardless of the issue you’re having, an experienced electrician will be able to assess the damage and explain to you what your options are.

You might just need to replace a single wire, or total replacement might be needed. Your electrician can review all of the replacement options with you and install a new panel to get your home back to normal as quickly as possible.

In order for you and your family to stay safe as you use your electricity in the home, you need to have a professional conduct an inspection on your panel. Professional electricians are highly qualified in the repair and replacement of electric panels. Anyone untrained in electric work could cause more damage instead of helping, plus they could be putting themselves in danger of serious injury. Electricians received training in every form of electrical work and can supply your home with safe and fast electrical service.

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